Veranstaltungen von und für Kinder, Junioren und Jungfreunde - weitere Veranstaltungen für alle wie Andachten und Bezirksversammlungen im Gesamtkalender.

So, 5. Juli 2020
bis Do, 16. Juli 2020 Quaker United Nations Summer School 2020 - The Quaker United Nations Summer School provides the opportunity for a group of 25 young people to come together to learn more about Quaker work at the international level, and to witness the United Nations in action, as part of a dynamic 12-day residential programme. The programme is grounded in QUNO Geneva’s work, with a focus on Peace, Disarmament, Human Rights, Migration, and Climate Change. Participants will be able to observe sessions within the United Nations, meet and hear from Civil Society leaders, and engage in facilitated dialogue with like-minded peers about the issues that are most pertinent for our global community today. Alter: 20-26 Jahre Mehr Informationen und Anmeldeformular: fwcc.world/fwcc-news/quno-summer-school  
Sa, 18. Juli 2020
bis Sa, 25. Juli 2020 Spring Gathering der europäischen Jungfreunde in Finnland (EMEYF) - Frühjahrstreffen der europäischen Jungfreunde (18-35 Jahre) diesmal im Sommer, Weitere Informationen » - Ort: Moyallon, Quaker Center, Northern Ireland
Sa, 25. Juli 2020
bis Sa, 1. August 2020 Familienfreizeit in Hirschluch - Kontakt: Hans-Ulrich Tschirner, dr.hut@gmx.de -- Weitere Informationen » - Ort: Hirschluch