German Yearly Meeting 2023 – English

German Yearly Meeting 2023 – English

Dear friends,

we cordially invite you to our

93rd Yearly Meeting

from 5 to 8 October 2023 at Haus Venusberg (Bonn)

Our theme this year is:

Perceiving Differences – Living Connection

With this theme we want to bring together different elements. “Perceiving differences” refers to dealing with controversial issues in our community, which is also be taken up in the programme. “Living Connection” is the title of this year’s Cary Lecture by Katrin Hönicke.

At the last yearly meeting, the current events in society and the resulting polarization where clearly felt.

At this yearly meeting we want to give space to sharing how these changes have affected our community live: Where have we perceived differences in our convictions? How has this divided us and led to conflicts in our groups and quarterly meetings? How do we as Quakers deal with polarization in our community? How did we fare with the Quaker tradition of seeing the Light in the other person? How can we become capable to act as a community? In addition to reflection at the meta-level, the focus groups can provide an opportunity to engage with viewpoints and issues that are important to other Friends and that challenge or irritate oneself.

In this process we want to find the strength to be able to carry our differences. Karin Hönicke’s Cary Lecture

Living Connection”

can be of help to us in this. She writes to us about this “Conflicts are important aspects of life. How do I find a solution without victors and vanquished? I really listen, look for my own needs and those of the other person. Above all, I see the human being in each person. I live connection.”

Prior to the Annual General Meeting, a seminar will be held on Wednesday and Thursday on the topic of “Discernment” is offered. You can register with Elke Stratmann (

For those not attending the Annual Meeting, the Cary Lecture will be made availible online (only in German) on Friday evening. Detailed information will be published in “Quäker Aktuell”.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Venusberg soon.
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